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Australian Merino Exports Pty Ltd is an established wool exporting company providing personalised service to wool textile clients worldwide.

Along with traditional greasy wool exporting, the company  is also a reputable supplier of wool top, scoured wool and carbonised types.

After many years working for a large corporate wool trading house, Directors James Thomson and Chris Kelly saw an opportunity to utilise their combined experience to establish a personalised wool exporting company that would uniquely provide a flexible and “hands on” approach to meet the requirements of their customer.

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Australian Merino Exports (AME) remains one of the top 5 exporters by volume and exports to a diverse range of customers all over the world, meeting the needs of clients in China, Italy, Japan, India, the United States of America and throughout continental Europe.

Upholding the traditional methods of wool valuation, our technically skilled team combines their vast experience allowing customers access to consistent deliveries which can be competitively priced using appraising techniques that go beyond objective measurements. 

Australian Merino Exports, delivers over 100,000 bales or 15 million clean kilograms annually, meticulously selecting wools to ensure deliveries meet the clients exacting standards.



a personalized wool exporting company
Providing a Hands-on approach


The directors are involved in all aspects of the business from the greasy wool selection, sale room purchase and eventual sale to client. The quality and price are both controlled with this very hands on approach.

"We are aware of the cost pressures experienced by wool processors and manufacturers everywhere.

Our personal service and low overhead business model is a real advantage, as is our knowledge and resources in sourcing the most suitable wool at competitive prices."

“Our modern and flexible approach has allowed our company to remain leaders in market development.  We are credible suppliers of fully traceable accredited wool types, characterised by; origin, ethical production and sustainability.”

Meet The Team

"We continue to use traditional methods when hand selecting quality wools, ensuring reliable and consistent deliveries."

James Thomson, Director

Exporting Australian Wool

Greasy Wool

Australian Merino Exports has been meeting the supply demand of large manufacturing companies for many years.  Our ability to ensure timely, quality deliveries has allowed us to remain one of the leading wool exporting companies within Australia by remaining competitive without compromising on quality.  To date, Australian Merino Exports has supplied over one hundred million kilograms of wool to international markets.  The hands on approach taken by Directors Chris Kelly and James Thomson, ensures that despite the high volumes, the components of each order is physically appraised, visually and by touch with the wools characteristics taken into account along with the AWTA test certificates.  As it is a natural product, variance is inherent and can only be accounted for by expert wool handlers and their in-depth wool knowledge.


Across all sectors, consumers have become more and more responsible as they have been educated in the processes of product production and the inputs of the products they buy. The same can be said for the wool consumer.

Australian Merino Exports can meet the needs of manufacturers who are proving to their clients that they are producing ethically and environmentally responsible products.

The Australian Merino Exports Certificate of Verified Authenticity provides additional documentation, verified traceability, non-mulsed, eco-accredited and organic certifications.

Early stage wool processing

Australian Merino Exports is meeting manufacturers requirements for wools that have undergone early stage processing – including the supply of wool top, scoured wool and carbonised wools. Our team utilises their expert knowledge to understand and meet the exact requirements of our clients. Using a variety of local and international processing mills, Australian Merino Exports selects the most appropriate mill for the wool being supplied to ensure optimum results for the wool type. Our team are also conscious of supporting processors who are environmentally responsible and can offer programs such as or large volume water recycling and waste utilisation procedures.

Ethical and Sustainable Wools / Certified Wools

Australian Merino Exports are leaders in supplying ethically and sustainably produced wools and can offer several certified solutions across all supply including wool top, carbonised, scoured and greasy wools. Using the Australian Merino Exports App and traceability program, the Verified Certificate of Authenticity or other programs such as Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), Australian Merino Exports can supply a diverse range of wool types with their wide grower network and brokerage partnerships that ensure consistent supply.


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