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The directors are involved in all aspects of the business from the greasy wool selection, sale room purchase and eventual sale to client. The quality and price are both controlled with this very hands on approach.

Australian Merino Exports Pty Ltd operate in all markets in Australia – Melbourne, Sydney and Fremantle as well as supply wools from New Zealand and other origins.

With regular visits and discussion with international clients, the company offers many advantages to their diverse customer base as they continue to provide a flexible service to the ever changing requirements of the customer. Quality, price and timely delivery are the most important factors to the client and with all these aspects controlled personally by the directors, they are well positioned to give their clients the best competitive advantage in their respective markets.

Greasy Wool

The majority of Australian Merino Exports business is supplying greasy wool to customers both on a firm basis and on indent basis.  The quality and competitive pricing levels of our deliveries relies on the superior technical skills of our valuing team, along with our company structure and size.

We employ expert full time staff dedicated to each sale room covering all wool sales in both Melbourne and Sydney as well as representation in the Fremantle market, giving our clients further advantage.

As it is a natural product, variance is inherent and can only be accounted for by expert wool handlers and their in-depth wool knowledge.

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Wool Top

Australian Merino Exports produce wool top for speciality markets as well as high volume commercial types.  Our expertise is in our ability to match the wool top order with the processing facility that is able to achieve the best result for the order, taking into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of each facility.

Our team are conscious of supporting processors who are environmentally responsible and can offer programs such as or large volume water recycling and waste utilisation procedures.

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Scoured Wool

We provide a small range of scoured wool products. 

All scoured wool types are processed within Australia which allows us greater control in terms of quality and timing. 

In keeping with our hands on approach, the scoured wool batches are inspected bale by bale to ensure a quality delivery.”

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Carbonised Wool

Well established markets along with new clients, can benefit from the small range of carbonised product offered by Australian Merino Exports. 

Produced locally, the carbonising process is overseen by our technical experts, ensuring the clients’ quality expectations are consistently met.

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Shipping Specialists

The complexities involved in moving wool from farm to manufacturer are immense.

For this reason, Australian Merino Exports takes no chances with outside providers and instead use their own in house shipping team with the industry specific knowledge and experience to ensure secure, timely deliveries.

Our experienced team provide industry leading logistics support with cost, timing and communication being the keys to the success. Systematically producing accurate documentation and communicating in detail with the client, our team ensures your delivery meets its specifications and arrives on time.

Whilst most orders are shipped via sea freight, using tri-packed (or dumped) bales, we also offer un-dumped packing, and air freight.

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"Our method is more personal than the large wool export companies, less disjointed."

Chris Kelly, Director
Competitive, Proven, Trusted
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