30 May 2017

Farming Royalty - Meet the Von Bibras

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By Country Road

Introduction by Australian Merino Exports

Australian Merino Exports, in collaboration with Roberts Limited, have sourced and processed ‘Tasmanian Merino’ wool from the von Bibra’s ‘Beaufront’ property, to meet the consumer demand for fully traceable, ethically produced natural wool fibre. 

The fibre was initially sourced, then exported by Australian Merino Exports who processed it into premium wool top before on-selling to Italian yarn makers Tollengo.  The highly sought after premium wool product was then brought back to Australia via Texyarn where Country Road have been the final buyers and creators of the ‘Beaufront’ fashion line. 

It is wonderful to see the years of hard work around the technical and logistical details finally come to fruition, with the trophy being a fully traceable, ethically produced, beautifully designed clothing line – available to the mainstream consumer. 

Congratulations to James Thomson of Australian Merino Exports, Alister Calvert of Roberts Limited and Julian and Annabel von Bibra of ‘Beaufront’, who joined forces with a vision for fully traceable ethical wool supply from the farm gate to the consumer.

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The Von Bibra family are well-known generational farmers who are wildly passionate about both wool and conservation. Their sprawling farm is situated in Ross, near Launceston in Tasmania. Approaching the sandstone manor is somewhat breathtaking. The huge house is first visible, grand in both appearance and size with many rooms and many windows. Next, your eyes fall on the walled garden that can barely contain the flourishing flora that lies within. Finally you take in the masses of Australian land that stretch on beyond.

Wool is in Julian von Bibra’s blood, he is the fourth generation of von Bibras to run sheep on Beaufront – a sprawling farm situated in Ross, near Launceston in Tasmania. He and his wife Annabel oversee the property that produces 180 tonnes of fine merino wool a year sourced from the over 25,000 sheep that run on their property. “It’s a pretty special place. The key to it is a lot of native bush where the sheep can run; that’s definitely unique.”

Julian von Bibra and his sheep - Photography by Will Braden
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