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From the dry arid lands of remote New South Wales to the lush rolling green hills of Tasmania, Australian Merino Exports sources wool from all over Australia and New Zealand. 

With each region producing a differing quality of wool with unique characteristics, our wool trading team learn in depth about your requirements before offering specific types - helping to introduce new and unique wools to give manufacturers an edge in their industry.

Whilst Australian Merino Exports has been operating for 10 years and has exported more than 100 million kilograms of wool, Directors James Thomson and Chris Kelly have also had long careers within the wool industry and are considered experts within the trade.  For this reason, manufacturers have trusted Australian Merino Exports to meet their unique delivery requirements, ensuring their supply is maintained at the quality and cost levels they require.

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Tasmanian Wools

The wool clips out of Tasmania are world renowned for their quality. Strong fine fibres are grown on sheep dating back to early settlement in Australia, who thrive in their beautiful cool climate environment.

Grazing in free range wide open spaces, breathing the purest of air, the Tasmanian Wool growers are skilled in perfecting a magnificent, high quality wool product optimising whiteness, strength and soft touch.

As an exclusive supplier of the Tasmanian Merino brand, Australian Merino Exports can offer further product promotion opportunities using the Tasmanian Merino logo and program.

Tasmania is already renowned for its uniquely pure, wool growing environment; however, the brand offers authenticity and credibility to environmentally sensitive, ethical wool production, guaranteed to have come from Australia’s majestic island of Tasmania.

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Unique and untouched purity
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A Certificate of Verified Authenticity can be provided to those clients wishing to explore the market of responsible consumerism by Australian Merino Exports. 

Australian Merino Exports can provide wool types with full traceability, proving the wools they have delivered cover the requirements ordered, including non-mulesed and single origin types. 

Australian Merino Exports can also offer third party independent auditing by a highly renowned international audit company that specialises in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) best practice.

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Unique and untouched purity
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New Zealand Wools

Known as one of the world’s top wool producing countries New Zealand wool comes well marketed and ready for the manufacturers to further enhance the unique characteristics it offers.

New Zealand wool growers are well supported and educated, leading to the production of high quality wools from a sustainable industry and produce a wide range of 'fit for purpose' wool types, including crossbred and merino wools. Sheep graze amongst some of the most spectacular scenery the world has to offer, ranging from the lush green paddocks at the foot of the snow-capped mountains to the cliff tops on the edge of rugged coastline.

Australian Merino Exports remain one of the leading auction buyers of the New Zealand merino clip.

Unique and untouched purity
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Trading Markets

Like any trading market, the wool market can be difficult to read and understand.

The Australian Merino Exports buying and trading team have been carefully hand selected and include some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the industry. Analysing market trends, observing sources of demand and reacting with instinct are integral components of the buying and trading staff skills.

Australian Merino Exports believes ‘seeing is believing’ and to ensure wools are matched to their requirements, our buyers and traders continue to use a traditional, hands on approach, to value the wools alongside the supplementary information available from testing.

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