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Both directors, Chris Kelly and James Thomson, are personally involved in every aspect of wool trading for every client.

As passionate participants in the wool industry, Directors James Thomson and Chris Kelly along with members of the Australian Merino Exports Team, actively engage in industry forums with the intention of maintaining a sustainable and relevant pathway for wool fibre. 

Considered experts within the industry from both a business and technical perspective, Australian Merino Exports are often called upon for comment from the media and others within the industry.   

Woolen jumpers
7 October 2019

Wool Week 2019: Public urged to cut down on plastic and ‘embrace wool’

The Farmers Union of Wales has encouraged people looking to live more sustainably to choose wool as the industry celebrates Wool Week 2019.

The value of Australia's farm production will fall to $59 billion this year. ABC News: Josh Bavas
17 September 2019

ABARES forecasts four-year low for farm production amid drought and trade wars

Drought and the US-China trade war will knock the value of Australia's farm production to $59 billion this year, its lowest level for four years, according to the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES).

Sydney model and jumps athlete Amy Pejkovic in the Adidas apparel collaboration with The Woolmark Company. Picture: The Woolmark Company
3 July 2019

High-end wool goes sporty

Comfort-chasing consumers filling their wardrobes with brands like Adidas, Puma and Nike will underpin WA’s $826 million wool sector long-term, industry figureheads say, as the activewear trend gains popularity.

Murray Davis and his son Andrew at the Melbourne wool store last week where they sold Merino fleece wool and oddments to a top price of $15.41/kg.
2 July 2019

Wool prices are slipping from the past 12 months of market peak

THE wool market is coming off its high, but Western District growers Murray Davis and his son Andrew were happy with the prices that are “historically quite high”.

An industry expert says there are uncertainties in the market with the US-China trade war impacting confidence levels for Chinese buyers, European economies looking like they could go into recession and Italian buyers starting to experience a slowdown in fabric demand.
1 July 2019

Wool market: EMI falls 51c/kg as 2018-19 season comes to close

WOOL prices have continued to plunge due to subdued demand and the effect of world economic issues.

Pingelly woolgrower and WA representative on the WoolPoll 2018 panel John Hassell has labelled as
28 August 2018

WoolPoll levy questioned

WOOLPOLL levy options that woolgrowers will vote on next month have been labelled “biased” within hours of being released by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI).

Dapper gent: Julian von Bibra in a suit made from wool he produced on Beaufront Station near Ross. Picture: SAM ROSEWARNE
28 September 2017

Sheep graziers-come-trend setters: the farmers turning to fashion

LIKE most farmers, Julian von Bibra is no fashionista. But the fourth generation Tasmanian sheep grazier has become the unlikely poster boy for Australian fashion house Country Road and top-end international designers.

Australian Merino Exports managing director Chris Kelly in the Western Wool Centre auction room last week. Some brokers believe the extra buyer in the auction room contributed to bidding competition for the limited supply of wool on offer and helped push prices to record highs.
27 August 2017

Wool heads into record territory

WITH sales generating $10.5 million on a small offering at the Western Wool Centre (WWC) last week, record prices were set for 19.5 through to 22 micron wools as WA emerged as the national market leader for broader wools.

Fibre vs Fibre
26 July 2017

Fibre vs Fibre

A recent report on the fashion industry calls for brands to use more man-made fibres. How reports like these favour synthetics and the wool industry’s response.

ACWEP president Chris Kelly believes the Wool Exchange Portal revealed
29 June 2017

‘Cautious’ support as wool industry raise digital trading concerns

Despite industry views the estimated savings are not what they are cracked up to be, wool exporters and processors are “cautiously” supporting Australian Wool Innovation’s digitalisation of the wool market.

Julian von Bibra and his sheep - Photography by Will Braden
30 May 2017

Farming Royalty - Meet the Von Bibras

Australian Merino Exports, in collaboration with Roberts Limited, have sourced and processed ‘Tasmanian Merino’ wool from the von Bibra’s ‘Beaufront’ property, to meet the consumer demand for fully traceable, ethically produced natural wool fibre.

Australian Merino Exports wool buyer Andrew Worthington
18 May 2017

‘Shop the story’ triggers wool chain of custody

GLOBAL retailers have tapped into a new chain of custody for the Australian wool industry, which is set to process 500 tonne of wool under a new initiative between Australian Merino Exports and Roberts Limited.

Along the chain: Superfine wool producer Susan Rowbottom of St Helens near Port Fairy with Mike Kuritani from Japanese textile producer Itochu at the Hamilton meeting for superfine wool growers
17 May 2017

From wool to garment

Among the guests at the dinner were Mike Kuritani, from the Japanese-based Itochu Corporation, a large international trading company that includes a textiles division.

Stacks of wool bales ready for export to China
22 February 2017

Wool market: China buys 1.11 billion worth of Australian wool

Wool market: China buys $1.11 billion worth of Australian wool

Wool growers Jarod Koschitzke and his father Greg Koschitzke
3 February 2017

Ewe beauty! Record wool price has farmers riding high on the sheep's back

Ewe beauty! Record wool price has farmers riding high on the sheep's back

Australian Merino Exports director Chris Kelly believes the increase number of orders from China for non-mulesed status wool could be serviced through greater use of NWD.
20 April 2016

Mandatory wool declarations

WOOLPRODUCERS Australia is backing the compulsory use of National Wool Declarations (NWD) forms which is being championed by wool exporters.

Elders Balmoral Sire Evaluation Trials
8 April 2016

What is fine wool? - Elders Balmoral Sire Evaluation Group

If we talk micron only, it’s almost 50% of the Australian clip. Chris Kelly delivers this speech...

Australian Merino Exports managing director James Thomson said without a wool sample to view and feel, AME was only able to offer a basic price.
18 February 2016

Wool review ​backlash

AUSTRALIA’S top exporters of wool fear the country’s trade reputation is on the line if Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) adopts recommendations to overhaul the auction system.

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